Your stories told. Your legacy into the generations.

To tell your stories beautifully, artfully: Triumph. Regret. Love. Loss. Hope. You.

Our storytellers interview you at length, discussing, inquiring, listening, and recording your stories. And we take it from there. We render your stories in any of a wide range of literary genres and lengths and voices, in order to capture the meaning and beauty of your life as you have told it. We gather your stories into a volume, available to you and your family as a written record—forever.

In all our hometowns there are lives to cherish and celebrate. We at LWC are committed to the local stories, as rich and beautiful as the greatest literature ever written. We believe that great books are great because they reflect the true heart of all persons, so we devote ourselves to the persons themselves—to the significance of their lives. By telling your stories, we tell the world’s story. We show the beauty of each life, of your life.

Our writers are storyteller-poets. We are practiced and practicing literary artists with a united heart for faith and generosity, for the spiritual life, and for the beauty of the written word. We have degrees in writing and are published authors in our own right. We are committed to our local stories that in our mad culture have gone ignored too long.

As literary artists we recognize the importance of accountability. So to uphold and improve the quality of our writing, we meet regularly to read and criticize each other’s work. We sharpen our skills as writers to ensure that we tell your stories with utmost care and ability.

Email us at LifeWritersCollaborative@gmail.com to inquire further.

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